Whatever your views are on Brexit, there was no doubt that all agents in all areas of the country saw the market slow more than usual at the end of last year. January saw an amazing turnaround with people determined to get on with their lives again!

By the middle of January, we had sold stc more properties than in November and December put together and the major property portals reported that January 2020 was the busiest ever month as confidence returned to the market.

It has been encouraging to see the number of new buyers registering; especially those from out of area. The frustration now for many buyers is that they cannot see enough suitable properties to tempt them to put their own to the market, if indeed they need to sell. This of course has a knock-on effect – there is every chance that there are people waiting to see a house just like yours!

Ask Vernon…

Each month we are inundated with questions from vendors and buyers alike. Below is an example of one of the most common questions at this time of year.

Q:  Should I wait to find a suitable home before putting my own to the market?

A: As much as it’s reassuring to know that you have found the right house, you can then find yourself under pressure to get your own to the market and sold – quickly.

Our advice would be to get your own property ready to market before your real search begins, with photography and details prepared, and then to test the marketing by using our discreet
buyer introduction service. We will keep you informed of properties coming to the market in the same way.

The aim is always to have a buyer for you when the right property comes along OR at least have you in a position whereby you can leap to the market with zero time wasted, when you do find
“the one”!

The additional bonus to our Home Owners of instructing us this way is that (a) we can discount our fees if we do introduce a buyer discreetly and (b) buyers will often bid strong to prevent your property going to the open market – putting you in a great position to secure a new home of your own!

We are feeling very positive about the 2020 market and have some exciting “new home” plans of our own! For a no-obligation valuation, please call any of the team.

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