Q&A With Vernon Moore! 25/08/2020

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Your property market questions answered

Q: Is this a good time to sell my house?
A: Where often summer holidays have seen the housing market slow, this year with the Government’s Stamp Duty holiday (up to £500,000) and the pent up frustration caused by people not being able to move at the usually busiest time of the year (i.e. spring), we have seen the summer holiday period not slow down at all; even with people choosing to take holidays. There has been an increase in people viewing online whilst they are on the beach or poolside or “stay-cationing” and with schools starting back and some sort of “normal” rhythm resuming, the demand for property is as strong as ever.

Q: Are buyers from the South looking as far as Melton & The Vale of Belvoir?
A: Where before buyers were very conscious of being able to commute back to London daily, there has been a marked change since lockdown. Many employers have changed their employee’s job descriptions to allow much more flexible, working from home practices. We have numerous examples of out of area buyers first thinking that good access to Peterborough Station and the A1 was what they needed but then on receipt of property details in Leicestershire, The Wreake Valley and Vale of Belvoir villages, they have chosen to buy “further afield” for a multitude of reasons including the beautiful countryside, excellent road and rail links and relative excellent value for money property.

Q: How are Moores managing to register so many buyers from London & The South East?

A: Since having a London office and partnering with agents in London & The South, we have over the years carried out numerous Move to the Country Property Roadshows cementing our name with out of area agents and buyers alike. Where we would previously have sent invitations via social media, this year with all shows postponed, we have sent out of area buyers professionally completed videos showing the benefits of moving to different parishes in the area. For instance, on posting out videos for the Vale of Belvoir, we have received over 100 enquiries via email & phone calls with buyers often saying they can’t believe why they haven’t considered the area before. To see these videos for yourself please head to our Facebook page: Moores Estate Agents or call us to have each and every video sent to you.

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