Q&A With Vernon Moore! 02/09/2020

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With Covid 19 causing the kind of devastation reminiscent of the property market crash of 2018, Moores Estate Agents bucked the furlough trend by working harder than ever to make sure their clients’ deals progressed successfully.

Q: How did you keep deals on track during lockdown?& The Vale of Belvoir?
A: Furloughed potential buyers had plenty of time to house hunt online so actually there was a surge of interest in homes in this region – supply and demand was in the rural agents’ favour. In response to an unprecedented demand for homes, we encouraged vendors to provide video footage of their own properties and on our allocated hour a day walks, our team were also filming locations across the region to give out of town buyers as much information as possible. These initiatives replaced our usual marketing activity at national shows. Our methods were so effective that all the buyers who made offers subject to seeing properties, all upheld those offers when they eventually visited in person. Understanding what out of area buyers respond to, we now employ a professional videographer to supply detailed, high-quality films showcasing all the beautiful villages across the region which are available to view at Moores Estate Agents on YouTube. Additionally, all our properties are now also video recorded by an energy surveyor for a completely independent assessment which has proved immensely popular.

Q: Do you think house prices will be affected after Furlough ends in October
A: Nationally yes…. We have to remember why people are often moving North. For example, when faced with redundancy or similar financial change, individuals take the opportunity to reassess the cost of their lives in the south-east and often release equity to take advantage of the lifestyle opportunities this region affords them. When you hear of buyers in London and the South East running for the hills…. We are the hills.

Q: What’s the average time from start to finish for completing a house deal or rental?
A: It used to be four to six weeks but as people look for cheaper deals using out of area legal professionals, the window has increased to 8-10 weeks. This can often be a false economy. My advice is to use local, recommended legal professionals. A couple of hundred pounds more spent can save up to four weeks wait.

Q: Considering a move? Interested in finding out more?
A: Demand is particularly high for homes of all kinds so act now to find out what your property could be worth. For a no-obligation valuation or expert advice on any aspect of buying or selling property in this region call the Moores team today.

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