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Every day is a school day


As the seasons begin to change, and mornings become darker, for many the school run can feel like a never ending cycle of lengthy taxi rides in the dark.

With this in mind, many parents look to moving closer to their children’s schools and Moores Estate Agents has created a bespoke service in order to cater to their needs.

The New Parent Home Search Service aims to show parents quality properties within a 10 – 15 minute journey of their chosen school. Managing director Vernon Moore, who runs the company with his wife, Jenny, is able to combine his extensive knowledge of the area, and his parenting experience, to guide families through their property search.

He said: “We have been parents ourselves so we fully understand the need to be close to a school, especially when forgotten PE kits need to be dropped off or extra curricular activities need to be attended, and it can often feel as though all you are doing is driving to and from school.

“As the clocks begin to change, there is a real change in people wanting to be closer to their children’s schools.

“Whether people are looking to move from Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire or the South, year on year we register more and more parents looking to relocate to our area for schooling.

“If parents are seeking a private education for their children, it is increasingly likely that they will look to be close enough to their school of choice for their children to be day pupils, weekly or flexi boarders.”

Moores are happy to discuss a families’ requirements either over the phone, via email or by travelling to meet with them directly in order to work towards targeting areas which are most suitable for them, focusing on the most commonly requested areas.

We have helped parents relocate to all of the above schools and have specifically designed our service to focus on the most commonly requested areas. Moores are also able to harness their video production skills to save those looking to purchase a property any unnecessary journeys.

The importance of video production has become even more apparent over recent months, with around 85% of customers who look at video of their proposed purchase more likely to commit than those who don’t.


From a buyer’s point of view, seeing a video of the property that they are interested in buying brings the experience to life. Vernon says that this applies to parents even more who are likely to have less times on their hands to pursue a property search. He said: “The video side of the business is really important and has been taken up by a lot of parents because, not only can they take a look at their potential new home but also the village in which it is situated.

“This gives them a more comprehensive view of where they are looking at without even having to pay a visit.

“They will know within an instant if the property or location is for them or not, which saves time and money for all involved.”

Moores Estate agents has chosen to take property videos to the next level by using a professional camera crew and where possible drone footage, allowing them to bring each property to life and giving a prospective buyer the ability to get a feel for the property as if they are almost inside themselves; no matter where they are in the world!

Moores have already successfully enabled a number of families to relocate to the area, specifically to allow them to live near schools including Oakham School, Oundle School and Witham Hall, dedicating their service to make life that much easier for parents. For more information, visit www.mooresestateagents. com and to view samples of their videos on YouTube, simply search for “Moores Minute Guides”.

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