The Time to Sell is now!

Following lockdown and very few sales taking place in the Spring, Moores Country & Equestrian Department has seen a remarkable late-summer market with some weeks Country & Equestrian selling million-pound homes daily.

With buyers moving from London and the South, the £1 million to £10 million market has been stronger than ever known before. As the market is 4 months behind, October has become the new July in buyers’ eyes. Unfortunately, many sellers are thinking that the market has slowed now nights are drawing in.

Let us prove to you the demand is still there! We have school parents that still haven’t found their next home and are now in rented, London buyers wanting second homes, and big demand for houses with land/space around them. Country house rentals has also really taken off if people are unable to sell they are now choosing to rent until they can find their ideal home. This summer Moores has both sold and rented the highest-priced properties the county has ever achieved, with rents of up to £6000.00 a month and sales of £6 million-plus.


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