The Rutland Round – section 2, Uppingham to Barrowden – Rutland Walks

The Rutland Round, is a circular walk of around 65 miles, officially opened in 2000. We’d recommend every stage of the Round. You’ll be amazed at the huge variety of landscape the
area has to offer. It breaks down nicely into manageable chunks, and one of our favourites is the Uppingham to Barrowden section. A couple of highlights of this leg of the Round are
Eyebrook reservoir, beautiful at any time of the year, and the stunning village of Lyddington with its ancient Bede House. At nearly 13 miles, this is a full day’s walking, but it can be
shortened down by looping back from Lyddington to Uppingham and saving Seaton, Morcott and Barrowden for another day. It’s also a shortcut that offers a really unique view
of Uppingham as you walk back across the fields from the south. If you do make it to Barrowden, be sure to admire the views of the village green and duck pond from a table at
the Exeter Arms.

Look out for the yellow way markers and find out more about the Rutland Round here

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