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All Wrapped Up For Winter

Feeling confined to four walls? Reboot your mindset and find out how local experts can help make your home feel extra snug.

January is feeling grimmer than ever this year and freezing to boot so it’s time to make sure your home becomes your sanctuary – a place to hunker down and really enjoy spending winter time in the Rutland area.

By Amander Meade

Living with darker days, long nights plus a heightened sense of anxiety in lockdown means we all need a sense of soothing at the moment and where better to begin a little self-care than in our own homes?

Starting with the practical… are you keeping as warm as you can? Even if you don’t usually, draw your curtains to keep chills at bay and maximise your insulation around the house from loft lagging to draught excluders.  Moving your sofa just a few inches further away from a radiator to allow heat to circulate can make a big difference. Rutland County Council have advice and links to improving home energy efficiency. https://www.rutland.gov.uk/my-services/housing/improving-housing-standards/energy-efficiency/

Get the Glow

Nothing draws you in like the radiance from an open log fire or wood burning stove and the team at Burley Appliances in Rutland offer you a warming experience with their range of some of the world’s most efficient wood burning stoves, flued gas fires and 100% efficient flueless gas fires with the added bonus of knowing that they are all made in Britain. www.burley.co.uk.

You can achieve just the same sense of wellbeing from a groups of candles or tea lights; there’s just something so comforting about a natural flame and if they smell delicious too so much the better. Try the locally and ethically produced range of candles, diffusers and beautiful bath and body products by www.beefayre.com – also available at the Rutland Garden Village.

Soften up lighting in general by turning off the overheads and placing extra lamps in your living spaces to cast a restful luminosity. Why not use an arc lamp to create a pool of light over your favourite chair and make yourself a cosy reading nook? Those novels you’ve been waiting to dive into will feel so much more inviting.

Texture and Touch

Wraps, blankets and throws scattered over furniture appeal to our sense of touch and add an extra layer of warmth on chilly evenings. Chunky wool knits in vibrant colours are a timeless investment and contemporary faux fur is the perfect choice to add a dash of luxury. We’ve found that a furry beanbag always proves irresistible to teens and might just encourage them to join you for a family film night to lighten the mood and bring you all together.

Style It Out

We Brits are still loving the pared back Scandi feel to design and taking inspiration from their cool tones, pale wood and neutral shades which seem to fit so well with colder weather. If you’re feeling drab since the removal of your Christmas decorations then take heart from the fact that in Nordic countries, homes are ‘dressed for Winter’ and not just for Christmas.

So feel free to carry on with strings of enchanting white lights, natural green foliage to link you with the outdoors and plenty of candlelight to bring a little magic for a good while yet.

Have you ever been told ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather…. Just the wrong clothes’?

Look out for our next blog when Lifestyle Journalist Bobby Twidale explores the truth behind the saying with the team at Cavells Country Store.

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