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We spend a third of our lives asleep and high-quality sleep is vital to our wellbeing. Anyone who has struggled with insomnia knows how debilitating it can be.

Here’s our quick guide to make sure you’re giving yourself the very best chance of a great night’s sleep using advice from experts across the Rutland region.

Establishing new habits to improve your sleep might take a little bit of time but persevere – it’s worth it for the chance to wake up feeling refreshed, revived and raring to go.

Words by Amander Meade

Ditch the Devices

Before we even start talking about beds – are you sabotaging your sleep from the very start? As difficult as it may be, detach yourself from your mobile phone or other devices. The National Sleep Foundation experts advise that you stop using electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime and that you place your phone a minimum three feet away from your bed. If you need to use your phone as an alarm, turn on airplane mode to prevent it from sending or receiving calls and text messages. If you’re worried that you may miss an emergency call, set your phone to only ring when certain people are calling, but still place it out of bed and out of reach — just in case you get tempted.

Create the right conditions

Make sure your bedroom is as clean and clear as possible. Remove any clutter surrounding your bed so that the space feels calm and peaceful. Give the whole room a good clean so that when you enter the room it feels like your own private sanctuary.

The team at Barefoot Flooring and Beds are happy to advise on the best mattress for you

Keep it cool

Try not to overheat your bedroom. The best bedroom temperature for comfortable sleep is approximately 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18.3 degrees Celsius).

A Dark Place

Controlling the light will also help natural sleep. Roller, Roman and Vertical blinds as well as curtains can be fitted with blackout options. Avoid Venetian blinds though as they will always allow some light through. Blackout window treatments can also help keep rooms cool in high summer and draught free in winter. Try Alpha Blinds alphablindsltd.co.uk for advice.

Perfect Pairing 

Beds and mattresses should work together. Ideally, buy a new bed and a new mattress at the same time. Spring mattresses are ideal for spring beds and slat beds are more likely to be teamed with a foam mattress – buying from a bed specialist will mean you receive the very best advice.

Coco bed by Loaf

Invest Carefully

The wrong bed can lead to sore muscles and a bad back as well as disturbed sleep so make sure you always try a bed in person before buying it. Individual requirements for support will differ depending on weight and build, so you need to be really comfortable with your decision. There’s a lot to consider; Do you sleep alone or have a partner’s comfort to consider? Do you need additional storage? Do you need an adjustable bed to accommodate any back problems? A good bed should respect the size, shape and specific needs of the sleeper.

British by Design

Lisa Grey of Barefoot Flooring and Beds barefoot-flooring.biz

in Rutland is passionate about her range of bespoke beds by renowned British manufacturer Somnus and recently visited their production base in Yorkshire to see how the beds are ‘grown’ from scratch. She visited the woodland where the timber is produced and saw the sheep whose wool is used along with home grown hemp and flax in the company’s range of mattresses. Every Somnus mattress is British by design and aims to create sleep perfection. The Barefoot team are trained to advise clients on how to achieve exactly that.

Foxes Bedding Set by Sophie Allport in Stamford

We’ve Got You Covered

The Wool room thewoolroom.com is a family business with a store in Oakham which you can visit by appointment. They stock a full range of British wool bedding, Luxury Alpaca bedding, a selection of beds and mattresses, wool clothing, accessories and homeware. The Wool Room’s products have been ethically sourced and have an endless list of benefits to sleep. Feel free to contact their team of experts by phone or online to chat about your individual sleep dilemmas.

Take the Pressure Off

 Do what works for you. Ear plugs, sleep masks, trying to go to bed and wake up at the same time and listening to a sleep meditation can all really help (try the Insight Timer app for a free selection).

Good Night

If all else fails and you do find yourself awake, never get up or read. Try lying on your back, place your hands on your tummy and focus on a word – REST, CALM, or PEACE work well. Repeat the word over and over in time with slow breaths and tell yourself it’s OK if you’re not asleep, you’re resting at least. Once the pressure is off to actually be asleep, you’d be surprised how often you drop off.

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