As interest rates continue to creep up, we have seen many families looking to sell up in London and the South and move further North to reduce their mortgages whilst purchasing like-for-like, if not better, homes.  

With the previously low-interest rates, Homeowners were willing to pay the premium to be close to a tube and train station for the commute into London. However now with increased home working and only occasional travel, our offer to search for properties for people we meet via our London partner agents, in all price ranges, is increasing.  

As families return from holiday, we have organised three more exhibitions with our partner agents during September and October with families now thinking of a pre-Christmas / New Year move.

If you are already on the market with a local agent who doesn’t have contacts in London and the South, we may still be able to help because sometimes these buyers will pay an introduction fee. Or, for a one-off introduction of a buyer, our fee can be as little as 0.5% of the sale price plus VAT. To find out more, please call the office to learn more about our free relocation service. 


In September, we will be launching a service which allows us to take a deposit at the point of agreeing to a sale giving you sale security, very much like when you sell in Scotland. We can now legally take a deposit in the same way as an online auction works, all we need is to make the searches and title deeds available. If you have been let down before when it comes to a sale, this is a great way to achieve peace of mind and effectively make you a chain-free buyer. 

For more details, please contact us on any of the below.



Vernon Moore


Moores Move to the Country      020 301 11361 

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Melton                                              01664 491610
Uppingham                                      01572 821935           
Stamford                                          01780 484555
Grantham Meet & Greet              01476 855618                 
Peterborough Meet & Greet       01733 788888 

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