Moores Buyer Success Story

John and Carole moved with us from Harrow to Wymondham, Melton Mowbray.
Carole & John had a positive experience while house hunting in Wymondham which was made all the more easier connecting with Will Moore, who helped them find the right property.

Here is a summary of their experience & some advice for both buyers and sellers:

  • Initial Search: We were visiting friends in Harlaxton, for a short weekend stay, not having thought about moving to this beautiful part of the country. After a short discussion with our friends and not really knowing what we wanted in regards to lifestyle or type of property, we started looking on Rightmove and that’s how we came to talk to Will Moore, who was the agent for a property that came up in the village of Wymondham in Melton Mowbray.
  • Meeting Will: After a short friendly and humorous conversation on the phone with Will he agreed to meet us in 20 minutes to view the property.
  • Attentive and Understanding: Will was attentive and a good listener, and quickly understood what we needed. With his professional and easy manner he suggested another property in the village after we realised the initial property we called about was not for us. We instantly loved the cottage and made up our minds that weekend that Wymondham would be our new home.
  • Finding the Right Fit: Will’s humour and intelligence helped us connect with him, and he understood what we wanted by paying attention to what we didn’t want.
  • Painting a Picture: Will was able to show us the life we could have in the country by listening to us and understanding what was important to us. He introduced us to the relaxed yet socially active village life, where everyone has made us feel welcome.
  • Community Involvement: We joined the local village Facebook group and saw they were looking for volunteers for the 2023 Panto. So we joined the panto crew and both enjoyed playing active parts in the panto. We got married in May and had our reception at the brilliant Berkeley Arms Pub – our local village pub where we celebrated with so many new and old friends. We have also set up a weekly Wednesday evening backgammon club in the Berkeley. 
  • Future Plans: We had a great experience buying our cottage from the Moores, and we will definitely buy from them again in the future.
  • Advice to Buyers: We recommend buyers look at multiple options to see what suits their needs in terms of space. We also recommend buyers share their thoughts of their ideal property with the Moores. They know the village and surrounding area incredibly well and really understand what potential buyers want.


Our experience highlights the importance of a real estate agent who listens, understands your needs, confident to offer advice to help you find the right property for you even when you don t even know what you want.

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