Spring Market Update 2024

With the Spring Market just around the corner, we have had a surprisingly good first quarter given how miserable the weather has been, especially with properties taking advantage of our off-market service / discreet marketing.

The property press has generally reported how buyer demand increased in February helped by a surge in “realistically priced” property. UK-wide data reports that 105,878 sales were agreed in February, which was 23% above the level in February 2023 at 86,395, and 9.2% above the same month in 2019 at 96,950 – considered a relatively “normal” year.

This reflects our own experience which we have tried to depict below; in short – buyers are coming back again now that they feel prices are more realistic

Whats happening to the housing market

So, our advice is that now is the time to consider a full-market launch with the potential of blue-sky, spring garden photography.

Better fixed rate mortgages

One of the reasons for a better than expected first quarter is more financial certainty with fixed rate mortgages being less than where people were worried they might end up being i.e. 5-year fixed deals being only a percentage point more than before the interest rate rise.

london buyers

Out of area enquiries

We have seen an encouraging level of enquiries from our London partner offices and we now have plans to visit them and to host a series of Q&A presentations with buyers looking to relocate to our area for schooling, the ease of home working etc.

Q & A presentations

In the last week of April and May we will be visiting our partner agents and as well as explaining the benefits of moving to the country with Moores, we will of course be taking property details. To have your property included all we need is a front picture and a floor plan. Register here

Increased online engagement.

We now have our own in-house graphic and media service headed up by Bev Kirk who is achieving great online results with her video walk-around property tours / interactive brochures – all included in our no sale / no fee service.

Matching out of area buyers

And finally for now, with many out of area buyers looking all across the area we cover, we are writing to over 35,000 households in April explaining how we can help buyers move to the Midlands with Moores. This will run in conjunction with our partner agents in North London, Essex and Hertfordshire running a similar campaign explaining how we can help them move to our area.

For more details of how we can get you moved this spring, please get in touch with your Area Expert.

In association with our London & South-East partners, we are hosting a series of Q & A presentations with buyers considering our area for their next home.

If you would like your property shown to these out of area buyers, we only require an external photograph & a floor plan.

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