The national average of home sales that fall through is 1 in 4.
With Moores it is 1 in 9, so you have nearly twice the chance of a first sale completion with Moores.

Discreet Listings

Discreet Listings

Our discreet marketing service has become very popular and is an excellent way of getting a feel for what buyers may be willing to pay and the level of interest you may receive without entering into lengthy contracts or paying any upfront marketing costs; costs and commitment which is likely to be required by other country homes agents.

We often describe our discreet marketing as being a “litmus test” of the market and no vendor is obliged to commit to the interest that it may generate. Often when a vendor is confident that they can sell at the level they wish, they instruct us to search for their perfect onward purchase; all of which can be done with the utmost discretion. With discreet marketing buyers are willing to bid strong to prevent a property even reaching the open market putting our vendors in a win / win situation.

Due to our unique no charge country home sourcing service, we have many buyers who do not search online or in the press but leave it to us to find them their dream home; this works hand in hand with our discreet marketing service and allows people to buy and sell with complete discretion.

The Buying Process

Accepting an Offer | Memorandum of Sales Instruction of Solicitor

Once you have accepted an offer, Moores will prepare a memorandum of sale, writing to all parties confirming the agreed price and introducing 

solicitors. Your solicitor will send out a contract to the buyer’s solicitor who will conduct preliminary enquiries. At this stage, you can negotiate the dates for a survey on your property, exchanging the contracts and a proposed completion date.

Continuous Contact with Solicitors

To ensure the sale runs as smoothly as possible, we are regularly in contact with all parties and their respective solicitors. We will keep you informed each step of the way and can advise you and negotiate on your behalf throughout the process.

There are no legal obligations until the contracts are signed.

In the market we are in currently, it has never been more important to get personal, professional and independent advice to ensure you really are getting the best possible deal for you and your circumstances, so call us today to book an appointment or alternatively schedule a 20 minute initial consultation call here: www.calendly.com/lkfinancial

Paying for services

Exchange of Contracts

The exchange of contracts occurs once preliminary enquiries have been conducted, evidence of title provided, lease issues highlighted(where applicable), local search queries completed and confirmation of fixtures and fittings included in the sale. Once the contract has been signed by both parties the deposit (usually 10% of the purchase price) will be paid by the buyer’s solicitor to your solicitor.

The completion date will then be set by mutual agreement.


Completion is usually one week after the exchange. The timing of this is negotiable and must be agreed by both parties at the point of exchange. On the date of completion, the keys are handed over once the monies have been received by the respective solicitor. The balance of monies (usually 90%) is transferred from the buyer’s solicitor to your solicitor’s

account. Your solicitor will notify you when the money has cleared in your account and will then inform us to release the keys.

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