Q&A With Vernon Moore! 10/09/2020

Q: Is it better to buy a run-down house and do it up, or buy a new build? A: When improving an older house you can put your own stamp on a property but you need to be very sure that improvements will add value. Two and two used to make five as there was usually profit to be made but that’s not necessarily the case these days. Labour and materials are significantly more expensive than they used to be...

Q&A With Vernon Moore! 02/09/2020

With Covid 19 causing the kind of devastation reminiscent of the property market crash of 2018, Moores Estate Agents bucked the furlough trend by working harder than ever to make sure their clients’ deals progressed successfully. Q: How did you keep deals on track during lockdown?& The Vale of Belvoir? A: Furloughed potential buyers had plenty of time to house hunt online so actually there was a...

Q&A With Vernon Moore! 25/08/2020

Your property market questions answered Q: Is this a good time to sell my house? A: Where often summer holidays have seen the housing market slow, this year with the Government’s Stamp Duty holiday (up to £500,000) and the pent up frustration caused by people not being able to move at the usually busiest time of the year (i.e. spring), we have seen the summer holiday period not slow down at all; even...

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