Grantham may be best known as the birthplace of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, whilst Sir Isaac Newton was also born in the nearby village of Woolsthorpe by Colsterworth.


Why Grantham?


Today, the area attracts those looking to commute from Grantham Train Station (London reachable in little over an hour), those seeking far-reaching countryside and/ or excellent education for their children, largely, but not exclusively provided for, by Kesteven and Grantham Girl’s School (attended by Mrs Thatcher) and The King’s Grammar School (attended by Sir Isaac Newton).

We have been operating throughout Grantham and the surrounding villages pretty much since our inception, and it continues to represent one of our most sough-after locations. You can view some of the properties we have available in the area at the bottom of the page, while the next section takes you through our Grantham experts.


Moores Estate Agents


So what makes Moores special? We like to think there are a few things, but if we to pick one it would be the personal touch we offer. While many estate agents are relatively faceless, treating every customer as the next in a long line, we really take the time to get to know you and strive to understand exactly what it is you’re looking for. Don’t believe us? Who better to convince you than our founder, Vernon Moore?

Experts in your region:

Chelsea Reid

A lot has happened to Chelsea since she joined us – all for the good! With a great grounding in corporate agency, since joining us Chelsea (nee Brockett!) has married and has also given birth to the 2nd Moores baby – the gorgeous Elias! Whether it’s a property in Grantham or something in one of the many villages up and down the A1 corridor, you wont go far wrong enlisting Chelsea’s expertise!

Chelsea Cropped

Chelsea Reid
Meet & Greet Expert

Tel: 01476 855 618
E: chelsea@mooresestateagents.com




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