Moores Meet & Greet Service at Main Line Train Stations & on the A1 for those travelling by car!

Our Meet &; Greet service, linked to our partners in London, has us taking buyers directly to properties. Gone are the days of simply giving people property details & meeting them at the property – our personal service commitment means that we go the extra mile.

Often meeting buyers at local train stations or at our new meeting place on the A1, we then take them to see properties both fully on the market or as discreet listings. For people less familiar with our area, of which there are many, this service also lets us demonstrate area just what our area has to offer. It’s also very interesting just how much you learn about a buyer’s requirements when
you’re sitting in the car with them for an hour or two!

We can also take your property to prospective buyers… which isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds! Our series of Property Road Shows run throughout the year courtesy of our partner agents in London & the South.

The national average of house sales that fall through is 1 in 4. With Moores it’s 1 in 9, so you have nearly twice the chance of a first sale completion with Moores!

London Buyers:

London buyers and buyers from the South are always seeking homes in villages with good access to mainline train stations. Moores can introduce a relocating or commuting buyer to your home; without even going to the open market!



Just want to thank the team at Moores, and in particular Vernon and Jenny for their excellent help with my search for my perfect Rutland home. I had the pleasure of spending the day with Vernon recently viewing some stunning properties. He kindly met me at the railway station and we drove around the country.

The service was very relaxing, no pressure and the support team back in the office ensured that the
day went smoothly.

Now I just have to decide which property is “the one”.



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