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What makes Moores Estate Agents so successful?

Here is an insight into what sets us apart from the competition and why we continue to have
the most sold properties in our area!

Moores Minute Guides:

One of our USPs is our “Moores Minute Guides” where we showcase our area to out of area buyers alongside every property’s individual virtual tour. These guides and tours increase the viewing to offer ratio because buyers have made an informed choice before stepping through
the door.

Moores Discreet Marketing:

Our discreet marketing service is an excellent way of getting a feel for what buyers may be willing to pay and the level of interest you might receive without entering into lengthy contracts or paying any upfront marketing costs; costs and commitment which is likely to be required by other country homes agents.

We often describe our discreet marketing as being a “litmus test” of the market and no vendor is ever obliged to commit to the interest that it may generate. However, what we do find is that when a vendor is confident that they can sell at the level they wish, they instruct us to search for their perfect onward purchase; all of which can be done with the utmost discretion.

With discreet marketing, we find that buyers are often willing to bid strong to prevent a property even reaching the open market, putting our vendors in a Win / Win situation.

Moores Meet & Greet

With our Meet & Greet Service (which is linked to our partners London office), we don’t just give buyers the details of your property we take them TO IT.

We meet relocating buyers from local mainline train stations or, shortly at our new meeting place on the A1 for those travelling by car and take them to view properties on the market with us both fully and discreetly. For those buyers not always that familiar with our area, it helps us show them just what our areas have to offer and it’s amazing what more you learn about a buyer’s requirements when you are sat in the car with them for a few hours! By taking advantage of our free home search service, we often know who the buyers are and their requirements first!

We also take your property to buyers in the South with our unique series of Property Road Shows which run throughout the year. We have more buyers than ever registering from the South looking to relocate to our areas and also encourage them to our area with specialist national marketing in the likes of Country Life and Horse & Hound

Commuting Buyers:

With an increase in home working and occasional travel in to the City, homes in villages with good access to mainline train stations at Peterborough, Grantham and Market Harborough are in high demand. We can introduce a relocating or commuting buyer to your home without even going to the open market!.

The national average of house sales that fall through is 1 in 4. With Moores its 1 in 9, so you have nearly twice the chance of a first sale completion with Moores! Country & Equestrian don’t just advertise locally. We also advertise in London & magazines circulated throughout the south of the country.

Moores Home Search:

Due to our unique no charge Country Home Sourcing Service, we have many buyers who do not search online or in the press but leave it to us to find them their dream home; this works hand in hand with our discreet marketing service and allows people to buy and sell with complete discretion.

New Parent Home Search Service: 

Year on year we register more and more parents looking to relocate to our area for schooling. If parents are seeking a private education for their children, it is increasingly likely that they will look to be close enough to their school of choice for their children to be day pupils, weekly or flexi boarders. For parents of day children, there is growing pressure to find a quality home within 10 – 15 minutes of their chosen school.

That’s why we offer a free Parent Home Search Service where we are happy to discuss a families’ requirements either over the phone, via email or by travelling to meet with them directly. We can then target the areas which are likely to suit. As parents of children who are schooled locally, we have an insight in to just how much to’ing and fro’ing can be involved in ferrying children to schools with demanding in school and extracurricular activities!

Moores Video Production:

It’s a known fact that customers who look at videos of products and services are 85% more likely to make a purchase than those who don’t!

From a buyer’s point of view, seeing a video of the property that they are interested in buying brings the experience to life. They are able to “walk through their new home” instead of trying to imagine the flow of rooms and features. If the property isn’t for them, they will know in an instant. But if the property does feels right, then the video will have helped the buyer to feel familiar with the surroundings when they do actually view the property.

We have chosen to take property videos to the next level by using a professional camera crew and where possible drone footage, allowing us to bring each property to life and giving a prospective buyer the ability to get a feel for the property as if they are almost inside themselves; no matter where they are in the world!

Step by Step Guide: The Sales Process

An in-depth guide on how we sell your property and what we do to advertise it to out of area
Real estate agent working in his office, he is writing a contract and house model on the foreground: investments, home loan and insurance concept

Step 1

Accurate Valuation

One of our expert valuers will visit your property to discuss a marketing plan, recommend a
pricing strategy for your property and suggest any recommendations that can improve or add value to your property to achieve the best price.

Our Valuations are free and without obligation.

Call us on 01572 498978 or complete the property valuation request form.

Couple visiting estate agents office

Step 2

Selecting an Estate Agent

When choosing an agent consider their local presence and what kind of marketing your property will receive. What are their contract terms? There is no doubt that a sole agency is far preferable to asking lots of agents to market your property, particularly in terms of accountability. But some agents insist on a sole agency tie-in period of 8, 12, or even 16 weeks! At Moores, we just request 28 days.

Step 3

Presenting Your Home

You only get one chance to make a first impression!

When it comes to selling your home, attention to detail could be key to securing an early sale at the best possible price. Once you are ready we will arrange the photography, floor plan, energy performance certificate & virtual tour before bringing everything together in a professional sales brochure.

Close-up image of real estate manager showing photos of apartment on sale to young couple

Step 4

Marketing Your Home

To find the right buyer at the right price you need to give your property maximum exposure across a wide range of media.

When you instruct Moores Estate Agents your property will be promoted by:

  • Extensive Online advertising including Rightmove and OnTheMarket
  • Eye catching for Sale boards
  • Highly motivated, personable staff
  • An extensive database of buyers
  • Prominent office window displays
  • Our extensive database of buyers
  • Associations with agents throughout London and the South

Extensive online and local advertising is important as is our social media presence. However, the skill of a good agent is matching the right buyers to the right property. The vast majority of our sales would not happen without our excellent sales staff working with our pre-registered database of buyers..

Real estate agent showing prospective buyers around property, panorama

Step 5

Accompanied Viewings

Individual or block viewings are arranged in agreement with you, at a mutually convenient time.

Step 6

Recieve An Offer

At Moores Estate Agents all offers are dealt with by one of our senior members of staff.
Before we present an offer to you, we gather the following information:

  • Does the buyer have a mortgage agreement in principle?
  • Does the buyer have a property to sell?
  • Is your buyer in a chain?
  • If so, how many people are involved?
  • What is their moving timescale?

Knowing all the facts about the position of your buyer is very important. We will locate a genuine buyer for your property.

Real estate trading concepts,Home brokers and buyers signing a sale contract.

Step 7

Agreeing A Sale

Once you accept an offer we will do the following:

  • Write to all parties to confirm the agreed price
  • Ask you to confirm your solicitor’s details / provide recommendations if required
  • Ask your buyer to confirm solicitor’s details
  • Upon receipt of the above we will prepare a memorandum of sale

FACT: The national average of house sales that fall through is 1 in 4. With Moores it’s 1 in 9, so you have nearly twice the chance of a first sale completion with Moores!

The lawyer is currently providing legal advice on real estate trading.

Step 8

Legal Process Begins

Once you have instructed your solicitor to proceed with the sale they will:

  • Send out a draft contract to the buyer’s solicitors
  • Ask you to confirm the fixtures and fittings included in the sale
  • Obtain the leasehold management pack from the freeholder, if leasehold
  • Reviews enquiries raised by the buyer’s solicitors and responds
  • Respond to any additional enquiries following the buyers survey/valuation and local search results
Young couple signing contract and paying for service of real estate agent

Step 9

Exchange Of Contracts

Once the buyer’s solicitors are satisfied with all replies to enquires, have evidence of good title and are in receipt of the buyers’ mortgage offer, they are ready to exchange contracts where the following happens:

  • Completion date set by mutual agreement
  • Both parties sign contracts
  • Buyer pays deposit to your solicitors (usually 10% of sale price)
  • Contracts are exchanged!

Step 10 

Completion happens when the remaining moneys are transferred from the buyer’s solicitor to your solicitors account.

We will release the keys once your solicitor confirms money has cleared in their account.

Congratulations you have sold your property!

Moores Click & Market Mockup

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